The Post-Graduate Program in Education of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPGE) began with the creation of the Master’s Program in 1972, and then it expanded with the creation of the PhD program in 1980. For four decades, the PPGE has participated in the development of scientific investigation in the educational field, striving for democratic enhancement of educational institutions, policies and practices. Over the years, the program has trained and conferred degrees to an impressive quantity of researchers that have become teaching staff of innumerable Brazilian Universities. Each dissertation and thesis produced by the Program’s graduates are accessible in this site, that presents 1,484 works defended in 45 years of existence, coming to a total of 1.186 master’s dissertations and 298 doctoral theses.

Starting in 2006 , the defended work became available for download, in full form.

It is also worth noting that the PPGE has focused its research efforts in five areas found in the current organization of the program: i)Curriculum, Teaching and Language; ii)Policies and Educational Institutions; iii)History, Subjects and Educational Processes, iv) Inclusion, Ethnics and Interculturality and v) State, Work-Education and Social Movements.

In 2017, the Program is made up of a staff of 43 Professors, including two who are emeritus and three who are visiting staff.

The current leaders of the program are Prof.ª Dra. Patrícia Corsino, coordinator, and Prof.ª Dra. Maria Margarida de Lima Pereira Gomes, vice-coordinator.

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